Capacity Building

As innovative sustainability advisors Terra Moana has been invited to present at and has hosted several workshops in marine sustainability, ecosystem services and natural capital.
Environmental Defence Society Conference 2017. The Future of Fishing: Panel

Katherine Short was part of The Future of Fisheries panel at the Environmental Defence Society conference. It was a fun and productive session about coastal fisheries, marine protected areas, recreational fishing, and Māori perspectives. For the full video of the panel session - click here, for the Katherine's full transcript - click here

Plenty of good materials from the conference and can be found here.

MSC & FINZ co-hosted dialogue on demonstrating success for inshore fisheries management in New Zealand 2017

Terra Moana was hired by the MSC to moderate the dialogue with Katherine as the moderator and Tony supporting. Through preparation for and participation in the Dialogue, Terra Moana Ltd (Partners Tony Craig and Katherine Short) bring the right industry and ENGO posture and insights to steer the dialogue to be as interactive, engaging and constructive as possible.Terra Moana Ltd also reviewed and as appropriate contribute to the final draft of the Dialogue Report.

Massey University Food and Agribusiness value chain short course 2017, 2018

Terra Moana partner, Katherine has been invited yearly to present to the students from the Massey University Food and Agribusiness value chain short course. Her section covers the role of ecosystem services and NGO partnerships in complimenting and underpinning modern sustainable business.

Sustainability Dashboard for the Seafood Industry 2016

Katherine Short presented a webinar for the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership focusing on people and oceans. The webinar explored a novel approach to integrate analysis of ecosystem services, supply chains and corporate accountability in the seafood industry. For her powerpoint presentation - click here, for the recording - click here.

SBC Natural Capital Protocol Workshop 2016

Katherine Short presented at the Sustainable Business Council Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) Workshop (key note speaker Jason Clay) in Sept 2016. She discussed the work that Moana New Zealand is undertaking as a result of its use of the Ecosystem Service Review (ESR is part of the NCP). Katherine summarised the range of methods available for measuring and valuing (Stage 3) a business' impacts and dependencies, together with risks and opportunities, on natural capital and ecosystem services. For more information - click here

Seafood Corporate Reporting 2016

Partner, Katherine Short is leading Terra Moana's Corporate Reporting portfolio working on the first Integrated Report for Moana New Zealand (previously known as Aotearoa Fisheries Limited) and bringing on board other leading companies to define best practices for corporate reporting in the seafood sector. Click here to find out more

UN FAO Fisheries Department 2016

En route to the Malta SeaWeb Seafood Summit 2016, Katherine presented to the UN FAO Fisheries Department in Rome on Ecosystem Services – complimenting and underpinning modern sustainable business tools.

Ministry for Environment Staff Capacity Building Series 2016

Due to the relevance of our work on the Moana NZ's Ecosystem Services Review of Paua, Terra Moana was invited to present at the Ministry of Environment Staff Capacity Building Series on Ecosystem Services.

SCION Forest Ecosystem Service Workshop 2015

The inclusion of ecosystem services within policy decision making has become increasingly relevant in New Zealand and around the world. Katherine was invited to present our experience on the Moana NZ's Paua ecosystem service review. Click here to view her presentation

New Orleans SeaWeb Seafood Summit 2015

Terra Moana Partner, Katherine Short, led a panel and workshop at the Summit focused on meeting the seafood industry’s information needs for sustainability: science, metrics, financing and communications. The SeaWeb Seafood Summit brings together global representatives and leaders from the seafood industry, conservation community, academia, government, and the media to discuss and find solutions to the issues of sustainable seafood. 

Learn more: Katherine's briefing

Miere Coalition 2014

Terra Moana presented at the Miere Coalition hui in Auckland on the opportunities and added value provenance story that underpin the sustainability journey of premium manuka products.  Full presentation (pdf)