Our Innovation & Leadership

We’re always looking for new and better ways to advance sustainability outcomes – it’s just what we do. Often the systems that we develop working with clients have wider applications, or we’ll see an opportunity to meet a bigger need. Here are several initiatives that we have developed, partner with, and invest in.

Investing in sustainability projects

We are always at the forefront of leading edge projects which we develop, build and cultivate. These range from physical products and training programmes through to IT technology solutions.

Take a look at the slideshow below of all the projects that we are developing or click on the buttons below.

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We built a recreational fishing App to help the recreational sector collect data and generate funding. Fish4all is a social enterprise passing on 75% of the revenue generated through the App to the Fish4all Charitable Trust.

Leadership in Social Issues in Fisheries

Terra Moana recognises that we don’t manage fisheries or ecosystems in fisheries management, we manage people! These are people who catch, process, sell, study, transport, advocate for and even manage fisheries! Humans are a part of nature and we are healthier when nature is healthier. This links back to our company commitment to use ecosystem-service approaches and which is based on our understanding of ecosystem-based management of fisheries.


In fisheries, social issues are crucial – the economics, labour conditions, rights frameworks, capability, education and training, performance, remuneration, health and safety, relationships within companies, between companies, between industries and NGOs, governments, and even our enjoyment in going to work in the fisheries sector all matter and contribute to the state of fisheries.


Terra Moana has helped improve social outcomes through better fisheries management, education, policy analysis and capability in a number of key projects including:

Leadership in Ecosystem Services

Terra Moana brings solutions at the forefront of change to our clients such as using ecosystem services approaches to enable Moana New Zealand to understand it's impacts and dependencies on socio-ecological systems and to underpin their integrated reporting under the International Integrated Reporting Council.
Seafood Corporate Reporting 2016

Partner, Katherine Short leads Terra Moana's Corporate Reporting portfolio and worked on the first Integrated Report for Moana New Zealand (previously known as AFL). She developed a proposal to bring on board other leading companies to define best practices for corporate reporting in the seafood sector. Click here to find out more. 

Moana New Zealand has continued it's Integrated Reporting journey. 


Katherine is available to participate in formal academic and science research projects. She co-supervised a PhD student, Annabelle Bladon from Imperial College London. Annabelle's research focussed on the Bangladesh Hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) fishery, a small-scale marine and freshwater fishery and payments for ecosystem services.

Learn more: www.iccs.org.uk/annabelle-bladon

Katherine's and Annabelle's interview


Ecosystem Services Review of New Zealand abalone (paua)

As part of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Council's Business and Biodiversity Project, Terra Moana facilitated Aotearoa Fisheries' Ecosystem Service Review (ESR) of Pāua (abalone). This was a world first by a seafood company in using ecosystem services. Moana is undertaking their second ESR in 2019 of the Whangaroa Harbour which is where Moana grows most of it's oysters.

The project is also featured on the natural capital coalition here

Find out more about this project here

Marine conservation philanthropy

We joined Philanthropy New Zealand’ for several years to try to create momentum for marine conservation philanthropy. There was some traction but not enough at the time. Please let us know if you’re interested in picking this up


Find out more about this project here