Johanna Pierre

Johanna Pierre is Director and Principal Consultant at JPEC Ltd, an independent consultancy she created in 2011.  Johanna’s passion is evidence-based and environmentally-sound natural resource management. Johanna has broad experience in fisheries management, regulation and monitoring, including fishery assessments and audits. Her work also includes research, management, and policy development focused on delivering sustainability, traceability, and reducing the environmental effects of fishing. She has worked in government, academia and the private sector both in New Zealand and internationally.


Johanna has a Ph.D. in environmental biology and ecology (University of Alberta, Canada), and a B.Sc.(Hons) (University of Canterbury, New Zealand). She completed post-doctoral studies at the University of Tokyo (Japan). Johanna is a certified MSC Chain of Custody auditor, fishery team member (FCR 2.0, and Risk-Based Framework), and a member of the MSC Peer Review College.