Kees Lankaster

Kees has extensive experience in fisheries management and sustainability, international equity and environmental policies, both at the European and at the international level.


A recent project is the development of a rating system for credit lending facilities, assessing investment risks in terms of sustainable fisheries. Further recent work had focussed on three international policy areas, (1) EU-fisheries policy, (2) European fish marketing developments, particularly with respect to the quality label debate and (3) EU fisheries policy in third countries and international fisheries organisations. The work was done on contract with the Dutch government, working with industries and respected International civil society groups like WWF, IUCN and Oxfam.


Kees is involved at the FAO-level as an FAO expert consultation on indicators for sustainable development in marine capture fisheries and in the development of minimum guidelines for ecolabelling of marine capture fisheries. He is also a member of the EC-expert group on ecolabelling, assisting the Commission in formulating a direction for its fisheries product ecolabelling policy. Kees acts as project leader in the organisation of various international workshops in Indonesia, Peru, West and East Africa.

Kees has written numerous articles and papers, scientific as well as popular, on fisheries, marine wildlife and nature conservation issues. He is currently a director of Scomber Consultancy based in the Netherlands and formed a partnership with Terra Moana, partner Katherine Short to undertake the Pact Veritas Thunnus project.