Dr Marjan van den Belt

Marjan sees huge potential for a regenerative economy, based on restoration, carbon storage and the associated creation of meaningful jobs and wellbeing. Transitioning involves all ecosystems from the mountains to the sea. She has a special affinity for coastal restoration, carbon storage in seaweed, associated coastal job creation and suitable institutions to deliver these outcomes. When we live in harmony with our sea and coasts, we will have figured out how to live in harmony with the terrestrial ecosystems as well. Check out Marjan's work in the regenesis space!

Tikanga Māori holds much of this knowledge already and (integrated, trans-disciplinary) science can co-creatively support its uptake into effective solutions. Marjan considers it a privilege to have worked with various iwi/hapū on e.g. shellfish restoration and a Social Ecological Enterprise.  She serves communities of people and organizations who critically engage with how to materialise this vision through facilitation, analysis and synthesis. Collective Wisdom heals nature and people.


Born in the Netherlands, Marjan is academically trained as an Ecological Economist, holding a PhD in Marine Estuarine Environmental Science from the University of Maryland, USA and a Masters in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Twenty-eight years of research, teaching, management, enterprising, consulting and community building in different parts of the world developed a variety of fit-for-purpose approaches and an ability to see the patterns and underlying structures. She uses tools ranging from ‘model building with people’, scenario planning and storytelling. Together, through creating shared understandings, we can find and act on the leverage points to make a positive difference.


Previous appointments while living in New Zealand since 2009 include; Director of Ecological Economics NZ and Associate Professor at Massey University; Assistant Vice Chancellor (Sustainability) at Victoria University of Wellington; Member of the Tax Working Group; Advisory Board of the Sustainable Business Council; Pool of Experts for the United Nations World Oceans Assessment; Expert Member of Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES); Associate Editor of Ecosystem Services Journal and Editorial Board Member.

Marjan was recently appointed to the Lincoln University Council

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