Napier City Council - National Aquarium of New Zealand

After over two years of careful relationship building and submitting a major bid, Terra Moana Ltd is delighted to have won the Napier City Council contract to lead the development of the Full Business Case for Expanding the National Aquarium of New Zealand. This project is a wonderful opportunity for Terra Moana to showcase how all of our services can weave exciting new projects.

This will explore redeveloping the site into a modern home for aquatic life and human relationships with aquatic ecosystems. It will be designed through weaving in Te Ao Māori, recognising Tangaroa, Hinemoana, Hinewainui, and the other atua (deities) that influence aquatic ecosystems and human relationships with them!


Our team have experienced many of the major aquaria around the world and understanding how they can enlighten, educate and inspire people to care for aquatic realms, Terra Moana Ltd is excited to have this wonderful opportunity to help weave the strands of a major new education, research, conservation, tourism, entertainment space for Aotearoa New Zealand and all our visitors.


We are honoured to have a terrific team contributing to this project including Dave Bamford (Tourism), Troy Newton and KPMG colleagues (Financial Modelling), Ian Dickson (Economics), Perya Short and Arama Johnston (SoF Consult, Education), Karl Wixon (Arahia Pathfinders Ltd, Cultural and Creative), Vince Kerr (Research), and Katherine Short (Partner, Project Lead and conservation), Tony Craig (Partner, Project Oversight and Business Analysis) and Karen Lo (Business Manager, Project Management and Research). 

Project Shapeshifter: Redefining our National Aquarium

By redefining our National Aquarium, we have the opportunity to make a significant and positive contribution to our aquatic environment. Help us create a globally distinctive icon to amaze, inspire and compel, that reconnects people with our aquatic environment, from mountain top to deep ocean trench, ki uta - ki tai, ki te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, to care for the well-being of our planet.

We’re drawing inspiration from the Pacific’s biggest and most famous problem solver, Māui to redefine the role and purpose of the National Aquarium of New Zealand.  Our challenge is to be bold and adventurous like Māui – to be a shapeshifter and a gamechanger.

We’ll do this by doing something where New Zealand can lead. We will:

marry indigenous knowledge and leading-edge science and technology through cross cultural partnerships, connecting us with our place in the Pacific to better understand our aquatic environment and care for our planet.


Shapeshifting the National Aquarium with Māui as its voice and protagonist to inspire change and drive our conservation efforts is the right solution, in the right place, at the right time.

We’re asking our partners, conservators, researchers, educators, creatives, iwi and industry experts to redefine what will be on offer at our Aquarium, to join us on our shapeshifting journey and to be inspired by Māui. We want this to be a project that all of New Zealand can feel a sense of ownership of and can be proud of, and one that will play a significant role in conservation and care for our planet. Will you join us?

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Full detailed business case and design: click here

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