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Peter Trott

Peter is Director of FishListic, an independent sustainable seafood consultancy. Peter has 20 years’ experience in fisheries management, resource sharing, ecosystem principles, project management, seafood markets, supply chains and traceability.  


During the eight years at WWF-Australia, Peter led on international and domestic seafood markets. Peter was the architect of key strategic seafood market partnerships with retailers, brand owners and aquaculture companies.


He has been involved in the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and with fishery certifications across the globe, including as co-client. He is a certified MSC Chain of Custody auditor, fishery team-member, fishery team-leader, certified SA8000 social auditor and ISO19011-2018 accredited. Peter is a member of the MSC Stakeholder Advisory Council.


Peter was a fisheries manager with two fisheries agencies for eight years, and holds a Bachelor of Science (Fisheries Management and Aquaculture) with an honors degree in Aquatic Sciences from Deakin University.