Quality Control

Superior quality control is critical to what we do.  Our teams are highly proficient in a range of management approaches and as project leaders, research managers, team leaders and independent consultants, they come with years of experience in producing outputs that exceed client expectations.

We enact quality control protocols throughout the project’s life-cycle, to ensure risks are identified, tracked, managed and that new information is incorporated and applied along the way.

Because change is constant and the future uncertain, where relevant we apply a layered approach to risk management allowing us to identify both known and anticipated unknown risks.

All our processes incorporate peer-review and team-based think-tank approaches, including with clients.

We have several quality control levels including:

  • QC 1: Data, numeric and technical control

  • QC2: Quality assurance, strategic analysis and risk management

Our Quality Assurance model ensures the quality of the process and products we prepare for clients. 

We use it to give our clients the confidence that a product, process or service will fulfill their specified requirements and be delivered in the final quality of our product (projects, assessments, consultancy, etc). The value added is the degree of confidence and trust that is established by impartial and competent reviewers of the Q1 and Q2 process on top of the collected information by the highly qualified and experienced expert team.