Responsible Fisheries Training

Having done multiple fishing fleets reviews and analyses, Terra Moana identified the need to support New Zealand (NZ) fishing sector's aging fishermen and address the difficulties they have in recruiting new crew. Often seen as a last employment resort, fishing is no longer attractive to young people entering the workforce.

The NZ fishing sector is beginning to understand the value of it’s product provenance in premium markets. The industry’s investment in Precision Harvest Seafood and improving fleets requires a new generation of well-trained fishermen. This requires training fishers beyond the usual vessel operations and seafood handling that is currently available in NZ.


Terra Moana has eveloped a NZ Responsible Fisheries Training programme that aims to fill the training gap for NZ inshore fisher to:

Inform & Educate fishers about why markets are asking for sustainability and how this relates to their daily lives at sea.


Support fishers to develop and implement responsible, sustainable best practice across their operation.


Enable fishers to feel confident about the story they have to tell as professional fishers within their communities and abroad.

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More than 60 Moana NZ contracted commercial fishers have now taken part in this programme to ensure the future of New Zealand’s fisheries is at the centre of what they do. 

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