Product Innovation

Superfresh is a form of packaging in which fish (or other meat/protein) is placed on a cushioning pad that emits carbon dioxide (CO2) when liquid from the portion activates a reaction between baking powder and citric acid in the pad. 

When the fish is packaged and sealed, the cellulose-based cushioning pad absorbs liquid from the fish and gradually releases the CO2 gas. The pad is tailored to the fish’ size and type and thus does not change the pH or any other product features. C02 gas inhibits the growth of bacteria, therefore extending the shelf life of the product. This has been proven to date at up to 20 days for salmon.


This method of packaging was developed by Nofima (Norwegian food research institute).  Nofima partnered with Swedish absorbent pad producer Cellcomb AB and Norwegian packaging group Vartdal Plast to develop and produce the Cellcomb Superfresh CO2 pads. 


Terra Moana Ltd has been appointed as the agent for these pads in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) and trials are underway. We have a testing protocol which can be tailored to meet your product specifications. Contact to explore how to extend your product's shelf-life.