Government of Kiribati

Terra Moana partner, Tony Craig was engaged by the Government of Kiribati, through the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to support them to develop a solid foundation for progressing and implementing a viable Capitalisation Framework. 
Coaching and Strategic Advice

As a follow-on from a previous MFAT project in Kiribati, Terra Moana partner, Tony Craig was contracted to return to Kiribati by the Government of Kiribati to host a series of workshops to provide technical assistance, especially in the design, formulation, development and implementation of a Capitalisation Framework of the Kiribati Party Allowable Effort (PAE) Rents of the Purse Seine Vessel Day Scheme, including submission of a Comparative Scoping Paper on Capitalisation of Kiribati PAE Rents versus Wealth Creation and Asset Protection.


"Tony Craig came to us through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Aid Programme. He brought a wealth of marine policy and development knowledge and skills that helped challenge conventional thinking, to focus on the important stuff, to look beyond the horizon and dare to dream while always being mindful of Kiribati's social, cultural and economic challenges and nuances"

Maruia Kamatie, Fisheries Advisor, Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Development, Kiribati