WWF Mozambique

Terra Moana was approached to review the Saving Marine Species and Habitats Project under the WWF Mozambique Seascape Programme. 
Review and Analysis

Terra Moana partner, Katherine Short led the review and analysis of the WWF Mozambique Seascape programme - Saving Marine Species and Habitats project. The objective of this project evaluation was to carry out a joint assessment of the implementation status, conservation impact and progress towards the vision, goal and objectives.established 

Katherine traveled to Mozambique to interview key personnel involved in the implementation of the project. Where participants were unable to be interviewed in person, they were able to contribute remotely. This ensured a thorough assessment of the impact and sustainability of the project and identified key lessons and experiences. Katherine was able to then report on the opportunities and recommendations for the way forward for the programme.

KS and Alice.jpg

Whilst in Mozambique, Katherine took time out of the busy schedule to reconnect with an old colleague. Alice Costa Pires (photo) and Katherine worked together when both were in WWF, through the Coastal East Africa Initiative and reconnected both to refresh their relationship as well as to interview Alice about the WWF Mozambique Marine Programme. Alice and Terra Moana Ltd are exploring how to collaborate into the future.

Alice was the lead for Mozambique on the Coastal East Africa Initiative and Katherine the marine adviser from WWF International. They’ve both moved on yet still found much shared interest, especially in the areas of coastal peoples fishing rights and integrating these with strong sustainability and conservation measures and in a way that brings tangible economic benefits to the people.  Alice has recently moved to work with RARE on establishing territorial use rights in fisheries in Mozambique, in relation to the local context and fisher's perspective of barriers and benefits (new behaviour adoption).

After the meeting Alice wrote: “Thank you Katherine, you are one of those people that make anyone bring the best side! I have learned a lot, in just the short time we were together! Looking forward to continue to communicate with you, all the very best”

And Katherine reflected to Alice that she is a “strategic, courageous and wise marine conservation professional. It is exciting to see RARE embarking on this new critically important piece of work”.