The Nature Conservancy

Terra Moana was contracted to support The Nature Conservancy award winning photographer Michael Yamashita’s visit to New Zealand. We organised a tour of appropriate sites and people to be able to photo document Māori fisheries of yesteryear, today and into the future. His photos are stunning and appropriately and sensitively depict indigenous peoples. His visit to NZ captured photos of Māori fisheries – customary, commercial and recreational and are being considered for future communication about TNC’s work in Aotearoa.
Stakeholder Engagement

Katherine Short, Terra Moana’s partner hosted and designed Michael’s tour of NZ including visits to:

  • Moana NZ – the Māori owned seafood company with shareholders consisting of all Iwi (Māori)

  • Ngati Porou - a local vertically integrated Iwi seafood operation.

  • Lake Whakaki to photograph the eels with Uncles - Willie and Archie.

  • Motu River with PhD candidate Kimberley Maxwell.

  • Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board in Opotiki. 

  • McMullen and Wing shipyard in Auckland where Whakatōhea’s new mussel business barges were being surveyed and built respectively.

Project Management and Support

Terra Moana was contracted to design the tour, plan the logistics and host/chaperone the tour.

​Karen Lo, organised and supported Michael Yamashita during the visit in New Zealand. Katherine Short accompanied Michael on the road.