Torres Strait Regional Authority

Terra Moana worked with the University of Wollongong's Professor Alistair McIlgorm as part of a team to analyse aspirations and existing management arrangements and to develop a modern fisheries management framework for Torres Strait Islanders to especially include indigenous fishers communities and their aspirations. In this project, Tony Craig provided a section of the report reviewing the New Zealand Māori Fishers perspective following the introduction of the Quota Management System (QMS) and the Treaty Settlement in 1992.  Tony subsequently designed and hosted a study tour funded by the Torres Strait Regional Authority of Māori seafood interests and fisheries management in New Zealand.
Report and Analysis

Tony Craig provided an assessment of the management framework for commercial fishers in New Zealand including the frameworks in place for the management of community (Māori) owned commercial fishing assets and customary fishing rights under the New Zealand Māori Fisheries Act 2004. 

Coaching and Strategic Advice

As a result of the report above, the Torres Strait Regional Authority undertook a study tour of New Zealand to further investigate the New Zealand Model for managing community fisheries assets and consider how this could be applied in developing a community management model for Torres Strait fisheries assets. 

Tony was asked to host the study tour and he designed a comprehensive itinerary including meeting the Māori Fisheries Commission, Ministry for Primary Industries, Fishserve (the administrative agency for the QMS), Ngati Porou - a local vertically integrated Iwi and Moana NZ - the Māori owned seafood company with shareholders consisting of all Iwi (Māori).

Gisb Marae.JPG

After the tour of New Zealand, the group was enlightened with the potential to grow their own community fisheries assets to support local community economic development and well-being. Tony was subsequently invited to Torres Strait in February 2018 to report on the trip and support the Torres Strait Regional Authorities Community Management Framework consultations seeking community feedback on the management of those assets and the possibility of establishing a commercial entity owned by the community to manage and grow the assets going forward.

Project Management and Support

Terra Moana was contracted to design the tour, plan the logistics and chaperone the study tour group throughout its visit.

Karen Lo, organised and supported the Torres Strait group during their visit in New Zealand and played a major role in ensuring the tour ran smoothly and on time.

“Terra Moana were able to showcase for us the incredible achievements of Maori in the management of their fisheries assets. Information and expertise were shared with our Torres Strait communities with a strong integration of community and cultural appreciation. Terra Moana’s ability to connect with people and provide clear and strategic advice on complex issues was very valuable in guiding us on our future journey.” 


Pedro Napau Stephen AM, Chairperson Torres Strait Regional Authority