Marine Stewardship Council 

Terra Moana started working with MSC in the New Zealand context in 2017 to moderate the first Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) - Fisheries Inshore NZ (FINZ) co-hosted dialogue on demonstrating success for inshore fisheries management.
In 2018 MSC contracted Terra Moana Ltd to develop a short report that presents how the MSC Project Pre-Assessment (PPA) model could enable the transformation of the New Zealand inshore fishery.
Stakeholder Engagement

Terra Moana was hired by the MSC to moderate the dialogue with Katherine as the moderator and Tony supporting. In preparing for, advising on and participating in the dialogue, Tony and Katherine Short bring the right industry and ENGO posture and insights to steer the dialogue to be interactive, engaging and constructive. Terra Moana Ltd also contributed to the Dialogue Report.

Review and Analysis

Terra Moana developed a scoping report on the feasibility of using MSC to transform the inshore sector including consideration of how the PPA could be applied in a single Fisheries Management Area. During this process Terra Moana helped define management and stock boundary overlap, supportive and engaged stakeholder groups and forward-thinking industry leaders as well as the alignment with key market relevant species.